Lambs and Vines Winery

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Visiting our Winery

WE HAVE PERMANENTLY CLOSED.  We heartily thank everyone who has supported our winery through the years.  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed this adventure, and have many fond memories to keep.  We hope you have some to treasure too!

For those who may wonder about our wooly helpers, the sheep continue to be part of our lives and are contentedly grazing the fields near our home.

Thanks again!

Our Sheep and their Wool

Our woolly workers play a prominent role.  In addition to helping keep vegetation under control, they grow the wool used to produce many of the yarns and other woolen goods that are sold at the winery.  

Our Sheep 

My Little Sheep

The Wool
from our sheep

Once we realized the wonderful qualities of their wool, the sheep led Kristin and Natasha into fascinating side-adventures of spinning, dyeing, knitting, and weaving.  Now, even Marshall has been partially lured in.  You may sometimes find him knitting socks at the winery on his old-fashioned circular sock machine.

When the sheep happily give us “the coat off their backs” each spring, we use any extra wool to make the yarns and other items we have available for sale at the winery.  

You can also see some of the current selection here:

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