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Lambs and Vines Winery

Come Escape to the Country

Visiting our Winery

WE HAVE PERMANENTLY CLOSED.  We heartily thank everyone who has supported our winery through the years.  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed this adventure, and have many fond memories to keep.  We hope you have some to treasure too!

For those who may wonder about our wooly helpers, the sheep continue to be part of our lives and are contentedly grazing the fields near our home.

Thanks again!

Our Wines

Our wines are all made right here at our winery.  Our aim to to provide you with wines that are unique as well as delicious…focusing on bringing into our wines the best qualities inherent in the terroir of these rocky Ozarkian hills.

Our Sheep and their Wool

Our woolly workers play a prominent role, although they may be grazing elsewhere during your visit.  In addition to helping keep vegetation under control, they grow the wool used to produce many of the yarns and other woolen goods that are sold at the winery.  

Bringing your Group

Are you part of a book discussion or knitting group? Do your friends or extended family like to meet somewhere to “catch up” with each other regularly? If your group has at least 8 adults (no children, please) and you would like to meet at our winery during hours we are typically closed, come visit with us about your idea.

Our Story

“Wouldn’t it be fun to try making our own?”, was probably said for the first time while we sipped wine in a tasting room. The intriguing idea resurfaced, again and again. Talk centered around what type of grapes we’d grow. We puzzled at why a wider variety of grapes were not grown in Missouri. Since we enjoyed European wines, maybe we should try growing European grapes?

The Tasting Room

For $5:  Taste all of our wines and take home our larger wine glass.

For $3:  Taste your choice of 3 wines and take home our smaller glass. 

You’ll receive 50% of the tasting fee off your first bottle of wine if it is purchased immediately after your tasting.

Bring your glass back each time you come in the future, and receive a free tasting!

Rain or shine, you can enjoy the view from our covered patio (or by a window inside).  For a picnic, we have a variety of cheeses available and freshly baked bread.  You are also invited to bring your own foods to the winery (just no drinks from elsewhere).  We hope to see you soon!

The Wines

Previously: $12/bottle

For the rest of 2022, we are giving a 40% discount: $7.20/bottle.  Enjoy!

Bloom – a Dry Rose

With a taste of cherries, rhubarb and cranberries, a soft finish and a pleasant lingering aftertaste, this delightful sipping wine is sometimes described as “a bouquet in a bottle”.


A semi dry white wine with a floral and spicy nose reminiscent of its parent grape Gewurztraminer.  Its citrus and sweet spice flavor pairs nicely with cheese, summer salads, and Dijon mushroooms on toast.  A nice wine to sip with appetizers on the patio.

Dry Vidal

The minerality of our Missouri terroir is present in this dry white wine. Many prefer to serve at room temperature for more flavor, but it may also be chilled.

Dry Vidal – Oaked

This variation of our Dry Vidal was aged to experience more American Oak in the flavor.


A dry red wine with a little tannin mid-palate and a smooth slightly smoky finish. This soft, inky dark red wine pairs nicely with cheeses, olives, and hummus.

Chambourcin 2013

The nose of this dry red wine carries a little smoke. A hint of spiciness, especially black pepper, throughout the taste with a smooth light tobacco finish. Pairs well with red pasta dishes or strong cheeses and summer sausage for a picnic.

Chambourcin 2014

A fruity full bodied dry red wine with the taste of plumb and dark cherries. Although a dry wine, many who normally lean towards sweet wines also enjoy this wine because of the fruitiness, making it a great wine to serve with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

On A Lark

For our newest wine…we went “on a lark” experimenting with various blends. This spicy and fruity light wine was the result. Pairing well with turkey and a wide variety of foods, it is another good choice as a holiday wine.

Cabernet Franc

A smooth dry red wine with a touch of oak and a hint of leather. This wine is intentionally non-filtered. Pairs nicely with ham and any red meat or stronger cheeses, yet does not overpower the palate for a relaxing glass at the end of the day.

Blaufrankisch: (Sold out)

A dry red wine with good tannin structure throughout the mouth. Many tasters comment, “This would go with a grilled steak!” It exhibits currant and leather followed by a smooth finish with a nice balance. Serve at room temperature with a strong cheese, a smoked meat dish, or nice to have in your glass when that roast comes out of the oven.

Semi-Sweet Vidal

Sweetness was given to this white wine by its own non-fermented juice, mellowing the acidity of this naturally tart wine while retaining a tinge of green apple flavor for interest. Ideal for a picnic with fresh apples, pears, Swiss cheese, and a French baguette.


Like a frisky lamb, this wine definitely took its own path! Originally intended to be a semi-dry wine (we’ve even had to change the label), Scamper insisted on bringing forth its best as a sweet white wine…yet sassy, hinting of rhubarb and raspberries.

Our Sheep 

Although our sheep aren’t usually at the winery, they are always busy keeping vegetation trimmed somewhere on our farm.  

If you’d like to take a peek into their lives, they’ve had their own website for a very long time!  You can visit them at:

My Little Sheep

The Wool
from our sheep

Once we realized the wonderful qualities of their wool, the sheep led Kristin and Natasha into fascinating side-adventures of spinning, dyeing, knitting, and weaving.  Now, even Marshall has been partially lured in.  You may sometimes find him knitting socks at the winery on his old-fashioned circular sock machine.

When the sheep happily give us “the coat off their backs” each spring, we use any extra wool to make the yarns and other items we have available for sale at the winery.  

You can also see some of the current selection here:

My Little Sheep on EtsyMade In A Cottage on Etsy